health1Health insurance is recognised by New Zealanders today, as an extremely valuable form of protection to have.  An ageing population and long waiting lists, combined with changes in technology and treatment methods, are resulting in increased challenges for both our Health System and the Government of the day.

Health insurance offers the comfort of knowing that you can get the best treatment available, quickly, and when it’s needed.


Health insurance is a very complex and easily misunderstood product.  So often we hear stories of people with health insurance having to rely on the public system because their insurance does not provide the protection that they expected.

The quality of advice that you receive could be the difference between purchasing a policy that will meet both your short and long term requirements, or a policy that could expose you to significant financial risk, as well as an inability to upgrade to a policy more suited to your future requirements.

We believe it is critical that you seek professional advice from an accredited insurance adviser on the full range of available options and insurers.  Our goal is to help you, and to ensure that your health insurance not only meets your requirements today, but that it provides the cover, ongoing protection, and long term affordability for your future well being.

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